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Diving at Les Escoumins is considered by many divers to be a must of the salt water diving in Quebec. Marine flora and fauna, typical of the North Shore, are rich and diversified. A few hours of driving from Quebec City, you’ll discover the Arctic underwater fauna and flora, as you would see in Nunavut, Nunavik or in the North-West Territories. So, why go anywhere else? Les Escoumins is warmer and more accessible! Besides, we offer everything you need to dive.

Be aware, however: diving at Les Escoumins means diving in cold water. Water temperature ranges from 0o C to 8o C. Under good conditions, visibility can reach 50 feet (15 m.).

Diving sessions usually last around 30 minutes. Divers usually wear dry suits. Those who use wetsuits choose 14 mm thick clothes, with a double lining for the upper body. Hoods, gloves and booties are a must.

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Les Escoumins, Canada
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